Twister Story

Tim and Toni wanted every child to succeed and that did not mean that every child needed to make to National Team or win the State Championship. Winning for the individual athlete was not the number one concern as long as the child wroked hard, achieved goals, and gave 100% effort he/she was a winner no matter what. Tim and Toni believed that every level in the gym was important from beginners all the way up to the elite level - and expected all their athletes to aspire to be the best that they could at their level.
American Twisters Gymnastics was founded in May 1986 by Tim Rand. Tim rented a small facility in Pompano Beach, Florida. Tim's mission for American Twisters was to provide fitness and physical activity to children of all ages in a safe and fun environment while promoting gymnastics as the ultimate physical activity for children.

The program began with just 45 team athletes, a dream, and a vision for American Twisters to be one of the top competitive programs in the USA promoting quality training, a great facility, with the highest caliber of coaching staff.

In 1989, Toni LaFleur, of the well-known LaFleur gymnastics family, married Tim and became his partner at American Twisters Gymnastics. From there the gym continued to grow rapidly as gymnasts from all over South Florida were turning to American Twisters for first-class gymnastics training.

In 1992, The Rands opened Twisters of Boca Raton. In 1994, Randy Sikora, who had been coaching under Tim at American Twisters for several years purchased the Boca gym.

By early 1994 the program at American Twisters had grown to over 600 class students and the facility was expanded. Just three years later Tim and Toni built a new facility across the street Pompano Beach. By this time, American Twisters had become a USA National Team Training Center and a nationally recognized team winning state, regional, national, and international titles at all levels of gymnastics.

In 2002, American Twisters moved to its current facility in the Lyons Technology Center. Tim and Toni decided to sell American Twisters to Randy in 2006 and retire in order to spend more time with their two daughters and grandson. Tim and Toni enjoyed a blissful year of retirement until Tim tragically passed away in August, 2007.

Today, both Twister Gymnastics of Boca Raton and American Twisters carry on Tim and Toni's tradition of excellence serving over 2000 students per week. Twisters is the premier children's activity center in South Florida, featuring gymnastics classes, dance, cheerleading, camps, parties, open gyms, and more!

Noteworthy Accomplishments of the American Twisters -
  • American Twisters qualified at least one athlete to JO Nationals every single year from 1989 - 2004 and 2009- 2014 (Many years qualifying 5 or more to JO Nationals)
  • American Twisters qualified 12 athletes to the USA National Team between 1991 - 2004
  • American Twisters has had over 70 athletes receive athletic scholarships to major universities.
  • Tim Rand was a Master Clinician for USA Gymnastics giving lectures at Regional and National Congress for USA Gymnastics
  • Tim had over 20 video lectures produced by the Elite Coaches Association. (Tim's educational video's can be purchased at
  • Tim Served as Elite Chairman from 1993-1995 and JO Chairman from 1996 - 2001
  • Tim and Toni represented the USA as National Team coaches in China, New Zealand,
  • Australia, Belgium, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Spain, Hungary, and Trinidad
  • Toni LaFleur prior to moving to South Florida-
    • January 1981opened LaFleurs Gymnastic Club in Largo, Florida - now owned by brother Mike LaFleur
    • Opened LaFleurs of St Pete in 1983 - now sold and know as Tampa Bay Turners
    • Opened LaFleurs of Tampa in 1985 - now owned by brother Jeff LaFleur
  • Toni received her Brevet Judging rating in 1989
  • Toni served as State Chairman from 1986 - 2001, resigned in 2001 and was elected again in 2008. She served as Elite Chairman from 2002 - 2008.